How to save money on food-tips to save money during shopping

How to save money on food

It is possible for the budget allocated to food to drain most of the family’s income and you should know How to save money on food and eat healthily. With the rise in prices and the emergence of the specter of the financial crisis – which affected many families – can get out of control. But it is appropriate for every family to cover its expenses in proportion to its economic capabilities during preparing meals of all kinds.

So the housewife can work several different types of one class with care for moderation, and all you need is only good planning, knowledge of income and needs and alternatives, evaluation, and review. The participation of individuals Family in choosing items, especially children so that we do not feel the inability to provide what they need and justify it by saving and giving priorities so that it does not affect their psyche, and that they are less than their loved ones and their friends.

How to save money on foods

Before getting into the topic, we must first know what a budget means.

Experts know it as two balance scales, one for resources and one for needs. From here, the housewife can know the surplus, and she can define her goal, plan it, and implement it, and then evaluate the process step by step.

And because this requires high experience, in this article we offer you a “prescription” process that helps you confront the “purchase” virus and the specter of losing budget.

Several important steps .. you must know:

There are many steps that can help you reduce spending money on food, and even save a lot of it. Here are these steps:

Buy local products

It is known that the price of local food products is lower than imported products; Because when you buy the latter you also pay the transportation costs that increase from one period to another.

Therefore, your dependence on local products will save you a lot of money. Also, local products of vegetables and fruits – with a lower price – also mean that your family will eat fresh products.

You can also buy seasonal vegetables and fruits, and freeze or dry them; To stay as long as possible, instead of buying it imported off-season at a higher price.

Mastering coupons

Many shops resort to a useful trick these days, which is to give coupons or purchase coupons to customers who buy with a specified amount of money, and other stores make membership cards that give their owners a discount on what they buy from their products.

Using this method will save you a lot of money, but beware of these means, although they are useful, at the same time are a clever trick to entice the consumer to buy more than he needs, and this means that what you have saved will spend in unnecessary things.

Cook from scratch

Cooking from scratch is one of the best ways to save money on the food item. Every additional step to convert raw foodstuffs into a specific type or variety means adding more money to their price.

For example, buying a whole chicken with skin and bone is less expensive than buying boneless chicken breasts or shawarma. Prefab. Spending some extra minutes doing these types is not worth you to pay a higher price, and there are many ready-made items that you can make in your kitchen by cooking from scratch, and you will save a fantastic amount over the days.

How to save Money on foodEliminate expensive products

When you buy foodstuffs with a well-known registered trademark, this means that you pay the extra money, while you can pay less in the same items, but it is unknown. You must carefully choose between buying well-known brands and saving money.

Many food products that do not have a well-known brand name globally do not differ much in taste and quality from those famous, and you can save a lot of money by looking for the best low-price alternatives to these well-known brands, but with a little scrutiny and intelligence; So that your family does not feel any change in eating and cooking habits, and this is first of all tired, but you will reap the fruits after that.

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Avoid using “Visa”

The use of “Visa” cards increases the value of the purchase. Because of the commission, the bank takes in exchange for facilitating that service to its customers.

Set one day to buy

Allocating one day a week for shopping saves a lot of expenses. Because the daily market visit increases the purchase percentage, and repeated visits lead to repeated purchases.

Buy in bulk

It is a well-known principle in the world of shopping. When buying in bulk, we pay less money than we pay at retail purchase, and many stores give an additional discount when purchasing larger packages, but buying bulk or larger packages does not work for all food-related products. Thus you can save money on foods and still eat healthily.

So you have to first determine the food you use regularly and in large quantities, then make sure to buy them in bulk, and they will save you a large amount of money.

Enable the postponement principle

When you have an increased desire to buy accessories, you should postpone until the next week, then postpone until the next. You will discover that the train of life is running even though you did not buy many of these needs.

Recycle leftovers

Not getting rid of food waste and keeping it with recycling next time is a great way to save money. You can heat the leftovers in a meal for the next day, or convert the remains of roast chicken into soup, or convert the remaining meat into minced meat to fill a pie, for example. But pay attention to proper ways to preserve leftovers.

In order not to be exposed to the bacteria that cause poisoning. Do not keep these residues for more than 3 days in the refrigerator while keeping them well, and should not mix several types of food residues together in one container, with the necessity of heating them well before putting them on the table.

Stop imitating exorbitant recipes

Many women feel vulnerable to the cooking recipes that top chefs offer on TV, but if you really want to save an amount of money spent on the food budget, you should stop these recipes.

And if you can’t really resist, then at least stay away from the expensive recipes, which contain many expensive ingredients. There are, of course, many simple recipes, and at the same time do not drain a lot of money when purchasing their ingredients.

How to save money on food-tips to save money during shoppingHold on to the list

Many of us cannot resist the temptation to buy, so they buy additional things they don’t need at the moment, or at least unnecessary.

One of the best ways to save money when purchasing food is to make a list of items that should be purchased before going shopping, and this list will avoid buying unnecessary items.

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Glue a sheet of paper on the refrigerator

As if you glued a sheet of paper on the refrigerator and recorded things that have run out of the house, and you will need them during your nearest shopping, this method of restriction will save you effort, in addition to the money as well; It will help you buy what you need in one trip.

Make it yourself

Buying ready-made sweets and juices, especially for children, cost a lot of money in your home, so why not make sweets and juices at home? In addition to saving a lot of money, it is also the best health for your family.

Savings Wills While Buying Food:

Make a specific shopping list

Prepare at home a list of all the things that you lack and want to buy, so when you go to buy food, it prevents you from being reckless and swooping on everything that is in front of you.

But we warn you that there is no need to make you feel restricted, so if you find a discount on a product that is not on your list, but that you use it, then, of course, you have to buy it; It is an opportunity that may not be compensated.

Search for the cheapest place

Search for the place with the cheapest prices and go to it, but do not follow it, then from time to time check other places, and if you find a new and more available place go to it without hesitation.

Larger places are the best

Usually, the larger places are cheaper than others, and the large area also enables the buyer to offer a wider assortment, so you can choose the cheaper types, but this is not a permanent rule.

No laziness or complacency

Brand owners rely on lazy buyers, so they put the most expensive items in the easiest locations for the buyer on the shelf, that is, right in front of you. If you look closely at the goods above, below, or out of reach, you may see them as being cheaper.

No hunger, anger, or fatigue

Dear consumer .. Do you know that if you go to buy food, and you are hungry, you will buy more ?! With that, your bill increased, and this is a proven fact.

Most don’t always mean the most

Many believe that it is more affordable to purchase packages and packages containing a larger quantity of the product than to buy one small package of the same product.

Be careful, this is not always correct. This method of purchasing compels you to buy a large amount, believing that you have saved money. Always compare the price of the package relative to its size, and you should also pay attention from the expiration date of use when purchasing these large packages so that they do not fate in the garbage.

Examine the purchase receipt well

After completing the purchase and payment, we advise you to look carefully at the purchase receipt and check it before leaving the place. No one is infallible.

Shop while your children are in school

Because taking them will strain the family budget, as we know it’s difficult to refuse kids ’orders while shopping.

How to save money on food
How to save money on food

General tips to save money during shopping:

  1. Make double amounts of soup dishes, favorite sauces, and more. Put half of it in the “freezer” to be ready when you need it.
  2. Keep meals in “freezer” inappropriate containers; They are placed in the freezer, in the “microwave”, and on the table, and they can also be washed in the dishwasher.
  3. Buy semi-finished products such as grated cheese, shredded meat, processed chicken, and pastries. It is also advised to buy large quantities of fruits when they are cheap, and you should cook them and put them in the “freezer” for use with sweets or decorations.
  4. Freeze equal numbers of items that are promised in a pill, for example, sorting 10 grains into a bag to make it easier to use the quantities as needed. Accordingly, a sticker must be placed on each bag, containing the name of the variety and the date it was sorted.
  5. If you work, try to take your food from home to work better than spending a lot of money on a daily basis on fast food or biscuits, which are of no use in terms of health.

Thus, we have offered most of the solutions that help in saving the food budget, and we wish you well.

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