How long does a hand sanitizer last on your skin?

How long does a hand sanitizer last on your skin_

With the spread of the Coronavirus, the use of hand sanitizer is more important than ever, according to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the best ways to prevent the virus is to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% of alcohol. But for how long the sterilizer lasts Hands on your skin?

How long does a hand sanitizer last on your skin?

Hand sanitizer does not work in the long run, so washing hands with soap and water should be the first choice for everyone.

Although alcohol-based disinfectants are a suitable alternative to soap and water, once you touch another contaminated surface, your hands get dirty again, so, no handwashing or using an antiseptic keeps your hands clean for more than two minutes.

When you finish cleaning your hands in any way, no residue will remain, but you can re-contaminate your hands on foo, by touching another dirty surface.

How long does a hand sanitizer last on your skin

So, before you decide to eat something or touch your face, you need to clean your hands again, even if you only clean them 10 minutes ago.

While using hand sanitizer, be sure to cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they dry, but when your hands are clearly dirty, disinfectants or gel do not work and soap and water should be used.

To wash your hands properly, wash your hands with soap and rub for at least 20 seconds, and make sure that you put sterile between your fingers and the backs of your hands and under your fingernails by scraping your fingernails with the palm of the other hand. It will prevent coronavirus and it is best to avoid touching your face as much as possible to protect yourself from infection.

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